Helsinki Pride 2014

29.06.2014 - 20:10 / hannapirita.

Helsinki Pride 2014 Report

Perhanan Muura
I dressed up as a bride.
Ruija and Muura are my bridal party.
Muura goddamn!

Norm-critical method brunch.
Kun tunnet olosi hieman liian mukavaksi, sinun tulisi olla siitä tietoinen.
Wow, true.
When you feel your being in world is really easy, you should start thinking what kind of privileges you have that cause your easy feeling.
And think how it is with those who don’t have the same privileges. – Like I don’t really pay much attention to stairs, but when you are physically challenged they can be a huge problem.
I’d love to make longer comics about this matter as well.

Oh, lovely cute dog.
Ui. – Oh so cute sound.
Uhhhh… cute diarrhea…?

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