Kuukausiarkisto maaliskuu, 2013

* Vihree kynä tarkottaa et on ekologinen.

Kirjoitettu 25.03.2013 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Kuvapäivis, Propagandaa, Translated comics.

I’m going to social wellfare centre tomorrow.
When I was there someone stole my phone once!
What could happen, it’s in Korso!

Okay so what do you want?
Well well, someone broke the glass of the door.
I’ll let you out from the back door, it should be safe.

Chembio faire. – Firm – Corporation – Business
Take candy. – Well maybe one…
Yum yum!

Yeah I’m really interested, what was this again?
Yeah I think so too, HEY are these free pens?
What a good loot. – 1 lipbalm, x amount of candy, 1 badge, 1 can of cola, 1 bag of m&m’s, 1 bag, 17 pens, 1 stresstoy, 3 screen cleaning rags, 2 tincans of breathmints.

I’m admiring my new pens. – Oh!
This is the most beautiful!
Why does Neste Oil have the most pretty pen when the firm is so unethical and they use palm oil in their bio diesel and by that they destroy food farming and rainforests! Unfair!

Jos haluutte lukea juttua Neste Oilista, lukekaa vaikkapa tämä juttu.


* Body Worlds

Kirjoitettu 20.03.2013 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Kuvapäivis, Translated comics, Vierailevia tähtiä.

Beautiful women in sauna.
I have this kind of leg hair. – Wow I have this.

We’re watching Robin movie.
I’m scateboarding with his big sister. – Who’se big sister is that and how old is she?
That’s true! Maybe it means I have a chanse too even though I’m this old!

Body worlds exhibition in Heureka. – I see.
Well well.
Peeled penis!

We come all the way to see this wonderful exhibition about humanity and all you’re interested in is a penis. – Yeah!
Ofcourse I’m interested in a penis! I have never had one! It’s such a weird and peculiar thing!
Think about it, there it hangs away from the rest of the body. Why is it not on the way when walking? Why doesn’t it get caught somewhere and drop!? Wonderful penis! Man is an amazing creature!

This is a good song.
It’s not Linkin Park. – I know other music too!

Vikan stripin on piirtänyt Suspu.


* Kolmihermosärkyä?

Kirjoitettu 18.03.2013 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Kuvapäivis, Translated comics.

In ballet again. – Granny, me, granny
Good morning, here’s our program today. <3
Very good morning <3

These dancers are here topless boobs showing!

What a scary looking person.
I wonder if he has some kind of a rotweiler there.
Kitty kitty – Meow.

I have these woudns that are not healing and I have neuralgia!
I only need to make sure if my face is not paralyzed or my speech is not mumbling?
I’m sorry I didn’t understand what you said because your speech is mumbling. – Teehee.

Yada yada blah blah what do you think Hugo? – well I don’t know, let’s not talk about this in a supermarket.
I can talk what I want in a supermarket!
I can even say… – pussy


* Psykoottinen Masennus?

Kirjoitettu 14.03.2013 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Kuvapäivis.


Tämä oli tällainen hieman vakavampi merkintä kaikkien niiden huumoristrippien seassa, mutta halusin puhua tästä asiasta hieman että ihmiset ei oleta että oon jotenki ihan kummallinen ja että mulle ei uskalla puhua mitää ku saatan masentua. Kohdelkaa siis ihmeessä mua ihan niinku ketä tahansa muutaki!


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