Kuukausiarkisto huhtikuu, 2013

* Kings of the Streets

Kirjoitettu 20.04.2013 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Kuvapäivis, Translated comics.

I’m waiting for my russian internet friend. – Hmm, what did she say, she had a black coat and a hat.
How am I supposed to tell her apart from all the finns?

Hello I’m Sasa.
Do you want some booze?
What a russian stereotype, she’s even got booze with her.

Tässä maalauksessa on Imatrankoski.
I was forced to move away from Imatrankoski as a child.
It’s the russian’s fault, they’re horrible! They made us move! Blah blah!

Street dance! I’m so excited!

White shirt wasn’t the best idea when dancing in public spaces.

Toi dance crew oli sellanen ku Street Kings, niistä voi tykätä Facebookissa helposti täältä: LINKKI


* Kevät tulee tosiaan

Kirjoitettu 11.04.2013 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Kuvapäivis, Translated comics.

You don’t cut cheese like that! – Yes you do!
Yest you do! Believe me!
You just shook me so hard blood squirted from my vagina.
Menstruating. <3

If I have secrets…
I tell them to Suspu.
They wont tell them to anyone.
Because they don’t have any friends to tell. – I have internet!

What is this trend in facebook?
All my cousins have pictures of tractors as profile pictures?
Oh, but they still live in the countryside… – Real hillbillies.

Movie theatre. – I’m already scared.
I’m glad you screamed louder than me, so no-one knows I screamed too.

It was such a scary movie that I’ll go to an art exhibition to relax. – Ok, bye.
Now I fell sick….

What is that, a smoke alarm?
Oh yeah, it’s not winter anymore, spring is coming, it was a bird singing.

Näyttely jossa kävin oli Marjatta Tapiolan näyttely Helsingin taidemuseossa Tennispalatsissa.


* Keltaista mehiläisten vahaa

Kirjoitettu 7.04.2013 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Kuvapäivis, Translated comics.

Buy this Gaijin-magazine.
Hugo tell why it’s a good buy.
Well… It’s yellow…

Going to easter church.
Bars in church door.
Well I’ve heard stories that you need these in Koivukylä.

Burning beeswaxcandles. – And he died for us.
Beeswaxcandles are made of beexwax.
Allergic reaction!

In train. – What a group of teen girls.
Ginga! – There was blood coming from the dog’s mouth! – Yeah I saw that too!
these teens are talking about anime!


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