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Kirjoitettu 26.06.2015 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Arvostelut, Translated comics.


One morning. (H-P on a computer looking bored.) ”I’ll just check my email first and then start working…
Email.com, from muurla comics school, Hi! Would you like to review our book in your blog? We’ll send it to you!
”I’m pretty sure it’s kind of mediocre book, but I want to support beginning comic artists, so yes!”
Couple of weeks later after coming home from Chicago. (H-P looking really tired. In the corner of the panel there’s a book on the table.) ”Horrible jetlag. I haven’t slept for 20 hours.”
(H-P holding a book and looking happy.) ”Oh wow! The Muurla book is here!”
(H-P sits down with the book in hands.) ”Well I’ll just read it right away.”
A moment later: (Back of H-P’s head reading a book.) ”It wasn’t mediocre, it was GOOD!”


(Picture of a book with another page having more realistic drawing and another page having a stick figure.) ”The book in total surprised me! Normally comic school books don’t have such a consistent quality in stories and drawings.”
(H-P drawn in many different styles from anime to realism.) ”The drawing quality was consistent through the book. There were many different styles, but it seemed that everyone knew their own style really well.”(H-P looking at the book looking thoughtfull.) ”The quality of the stories varied a bit more.”
(H-P looking like she is confused.) ”Sometimes I didn’t understand anything that happened. Personally I think good drawings unfortunaltely don’t save a comic if I can’t understand what’s going on.”
(H-P looking at a comic character who’s wearing an outdoors jacket and a beanie and is standing in a forest.) H-P: ”Best story was by Emilia Karvanen. It was called ”Luola” (cave).” ”It had good drawings too! it was clear and funny!” The character: ”I don’t want to pick berries I want to do LARP!”


(H-P together in a panle with a dark looking character.) H-P: ”From the drawing styles, I liked Kajo Vuolasvirta’s comic ”Luota”(trust)  the most.” ”It also had a clear plot.” The character: ”It’s difficult to draw me with a thin pen.”
(H-P together in a panel with two other characters, a cat character weraring a detective style jacket and a girl with eyeglasses.) H-P: Two other stories I want to point out as positive experiences were ”Identity” by Milja Hukari and ”Nimeton” (nameless) by Mira Rauhalinna.”
(H-P hugging the book and a big picture of the book cover that has three girls having a foodfight but with art supplies.) ”If you get this comic from somewhere I recommend reading it!” ”I’m pretty happy myself now that I own the book.”

PS! Menkää muuten lukemaan yhä mun The Immortal Nerd sarjakuvaa! Sitä on netissä jo VIISI lukua!





* Rimmel rajaustussi Arvostelu

Kirjoitettu 28.01.2014 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Arvostelut, Sarjakuvat, Translated comics.

Rimmel scandaleyes thick & thin eyeliner



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