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Kirjoitettu 31.12.2014 - hannapirita. Kategoriassa Sarjakuvat, Translated comics.



(Young Hanna-Pirita sitting on stairs smiling while other children play around her.) ”I was only 9 years old.”
(Boy comes up to talk to H-P) Boy: ”Hey”
(Mean looking boy talks to H-P who looks surprised.) Boy: Do you have hair in your pussy?(H-P talking to the boy looking pissed off.) ”He was 10 years old.” H-P: ”W-well… guess.”
(Boy laughing.) ”I guess not!”

(H-P looking sad and empty.) ”It was the first time I faced sexual harrasment.”
(Picture of H-P as a preteen, teen and adult.) ”And it wasn’t the last time.” Someone: ”Ugly ass!” ”Give pussy!” ”Wouldn’t fuck!”
(H-P as an adult.) ”This story is familiar to other women as well.” ”And that’s why I have something to say to that 10 year old Jukka.”


(H-P talking and smiling.) ”Jukka. A 9 year old girl doesn’t usually have hair down there.” ”Adults on the other hand do.”
(H-P showing her hairy armpit.) ”Hair can also grow in armpits and legs.”
(Picture of a hairy armpit.) ”But Jukka, and others who think asking about other people’s pubic hair is a good idea, woman’s hair belongs only to herself!”


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